MCU controlled constant power load – battery discharger arduino + ESP8266

There is my DIY discharging device. Design is inspired from site (big thanks):

Building a Constant Current/Constant Power Electronic Load

I added ACS712 current measure module and ESP8266 for mail alert, when discharge is complete and result report via blynk mail widget.

Another improvement is paralel cables for precise measure load volage.

Update: uploaded arduino sketch with my library folder, wireless AC socket for charger controll is added! look at photo!



ESP8266_load load_libraries



3 thoughts on “MCU controlled constant power load – battery discharger arduino + ESP8266”

  1. Dear Jindrich Nikles,

    Very nice project! Would you be so kind and share the Arduino code (also the ESP8266 code)?
    Maybe with a little schema with your modifications?

    Thank you and kind regards from Barcelona.

    Javier Palla Lorden

    1. Hello, I’m glad for your interest, actualy I’m testing device in real enviroment and doing little debuging of code and one funny imporvenemt. 🙂 I going to do some code cleaning and make circuit diagram. I will write you, when it will be done.

    2. Hello, arduino files are available… schematic is original, I added only two potentiometers for voltage divider, diode and fuse at input and MOSFET transistor for fan switch.

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